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Keywords: Zenodo
Recording date 2022-12-13
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Organisational Unit

Zentrum für Nationales Hochleistungsrechnen Erlangen (NHR@FAU)


Zentrum für Nationales Hochleistungsrechnen Erlangen (NHR@FAU)

Invited talk at the NHR@FAU HPC Cafe

Speaker: Dr. Jürgen Rohrwild, FAU University Library


Abstract: Zenodo is a European, free-of-charge document and data repository. With its relatively accessible metadata model, it provides a low-threshold solution for a broad range of scientific datasets. Some potentially desirable features include dedicated Zenodo communities, GitHub integration, and versioning. Zenodo’s generic nature also comes with some trade-offs such as limited metadata fields and no collaborative elements. This short presentation will have a closer look at Zenodo’s features and limits.

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