Videoportal FAQ's

In some rare circumstances you may get an error with a 6-digit number. There are several reasons for this.

  • Please try to clear your browser cache. Some hints for your OS and according browser can be founf here for MacOS and Windows.
  • Try using a different browser, e.g. Chorme, Firefox, Safari
  • Try a different PC or a smartphone, tablet, iPad, ...
  • For watching videos via StudOn, we protect the communication between your browser and with a special handshake mechanism. This should not be altered, therefor better refrain from VPN. Or just try VPN to get a stable environment!
  • sometimes an Ad-blocker is the villain of the piece

If you cannot get through, please drop us a line with:

  • browser used
  • affected videocourse or video clip
  • affected StudOn course if any
  • any other valuable information about the circumstances

Question: The player is not displayed, and instead, a blue page with a 403 or 404 error appears.

Answer: The StudOn course administrator may not have set up the connection to correctly, or the course or the clip might no longer exist on Please contact the StudOn course administrator.

Question: The player displays a 233011 error, and the video cannot be played?

Answer: The error you've encountered points to 'Crossdomain access denied,' as indicated on the JWPlayer error reference page .

Question: Why is this error happening?

Answer: The video portal employs an IP token system to prevent the sharing of video links among users. In recent years, some Internet Service Providers (not all of them and not all the time) have been changing clients' public IP addresses during requests, or your local network provider is using a load balancer. This means that you have one IP address for the first 2 minutes of your livestream and a different one for the next 5 minutes. Finding the cause of this problem and coming up with a solution can be quite challenging.

Question: What can I do about it?

Answer: As a final solution to this problem, which has proven to work, we recommend using a VPN, preferably the FAU VPN. It's important to note that using a VPN is not mandatory for accessing videos, but it can be helpful if you continue to experience streaming issues.

Recordings of classes do not only consume time, but also money for staff and equipment. Thanks to the support from Studienzuschüsse (study grants) currently 30 new classes can be recorded. Because of limited personnel there are still bottle necks from time to time and delays in production and provisioning.

If you are interested in a class to be recorded, please contact the following people and thus support us with future additional tasks:

As student:

  • contact the teacher of the class
  • contact the student bodies
  • the associated commission for study grants

As teacher:

  • contact the MultiMediaZentrum
  • contact the appropriate professional bodies
  • contact the appropriate commission for study grants
Access to certain individual recordings may be restricted due to the expressed wishes of the speaker. At the moment, we offer three different mechanism.

i. via IdM:
All students and employees at FAU own an user-id, called IdM-Kennung which is used for a lot of services. Media that is marked with "protected by IdM-sign-on") can be freely accessed with this user-id. Such media does not require access via StudOn.

ii. via StudOn
In order to have access to such material you must first authenticate yourself at the E-Learning-Portal "StudOn" ( of the University and must also have registered for that class. You will find a dedicated link in your StudOn class you been registered for. Before you can even sign in to "StudOn", you must be a member of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (student/employee, etc.).

iii. via password
There may also just be a password protection for a course or a video clip. The course owner must then provide the password to interested users. These days this is not really a convincing mechanism for protection, but it allows access to international meetings also for participants that are not members of the FAU.

We provide media with state "free" or "protected". If you want to download a "free" media file, please start playing the file. Afterwards you will find a small cycle in the lower right corner with an arrow.

Listing of a course and its associated media files as "protected" means that these videos can only be made available after authentication via StudOn and then also only online - meaning with an active connection to the network. Such media files cannot be downloaded.

Exception: People who are registered as course owners or course assistants can to a certain extent administer their courses themselves and can therefore also download media in protected courses.

Courses for students are made available "as soon as possible", normally within 2-3 working days.

Lectures that are produced in cooperation with the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Ringvorlesung, Collegium Alexandrinum) may take several months before they become available, because the BR owns the right to broadcast them first. Once the recording has been broadcast on BR-television it can be offered via the video portal.

Please do not contact us for questions such as "when will course xy be available"! With approximately 70 courses per week there may sometimes be slight delays.

Yes! This is possible for media that was produced at the University and where all copyright issues have been cleared. All meta data must be available so that the media can be accessed over a long period of time. And only when the following questions have been answered

  • Is it a production of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg?
  • Are all copyrights to all material available?
  • Is the necessary meta data available?
  • Where can the material be accessed and how can it be transferred to MMZ?

For selfuploading videos please have a look at:

(german only ...)

In order to facilitate a targeted search or selection for certain media files for users it is necessary to have search criteria key words. A short description of the content is also an asset.

Of course information concerning author, speaker, date and title of the event must also be listed.

  • Title
  • Short abstract
  • Keywords
  • Lecturer
  • Date and semester
  • Owner, producer, client or chair/faculty

Usually a large number of variations is being offered, but the formats also depend on what could actually be recorded during the event. Normally we offer:

A "combined-version" with

  • M4V - H.264, 1920x1080, 2.6 MBit
  • M4V - H.264, 1280x720, 1.8 MBit

A video-only version with

  • M4V - H.264, 1920x1080, 2.6 MBit
  • M4V - H.264, 1280x720, 1.8 MBit
  • M4V - H.264, 640x360, 900 kBit

An audio-only version:

  • MP3 - 64 kBit, Mono - audio only
  • PDF, if available

You are now able to switch between different styles or resolution manually within the playern. Search for "clip media" in the lower right corner of the player.

In some cases slides are also offered individually as pdf or can be downloaded from the Homepage of the professor or chair.

0 - Activate video plugin
Activate the RRZE Video plugin via Dashboard > Plugins > All Plugins.

1 - Upload video
Upload the video to the FAU Video Portal and ensure it is accessible to all users without SSO restrictions.

2 - Create shortcode
Copy the video URL and insert it into the shortcode [fauvideo url="insert url here"]. Embedding of all providers is done using the same shortcode.

3 - Update page
Publish the changes. The video is now available to your website visitors.

A detailed guide can be found here.

yes! We are using the JWplayer which offers the following:

Keyboard Shortcut Action
space bar Pause / Play
Enter Pause / Play
m Mute
arrow up/down volume increased / decreased 10%
arrow keys left / right jump ahead/back 5 seconds
0 - 9 jump to X percent
f full screen mode
c subtitles (if available)

You can share links to clips with hours/minutes/seconds format:

/#offset=Xh Ym Zs (without spaces), for example:

or specify only seconds:

But important note:

The videos will initially be muted as per the browser's autoplay policy, which we cannot bypass.


The automatic subtitles generated by the Whisper feature in our academic video portal are provided as a convenience to enhance accessibility and user experience. However, please note the following disclaimer:

  1. Accuracy: While we strive to provide accurate subtitles, the automatic transcription process may occasionally result in errors or inaccuracies. The accuracy of the subtitles can be influenced by factors such as audio quality, speaker accents, and background noise.
  2. Content Interpretation: The automatic subtitles are generated by machine learning algorithms and may not fully capture the intended meaning or nuances of the spoken content. Users should exercise caution and refer to the original audio or consult additional resources for precise interpretation.
  3. Language Support: The accuracy and quality of automatic subtitles can vary depending on the language used in the video. Subtitles for languages other than the primary supported language may be less accurate or unavailable.
  4. Editing and Verification: The automatic subtitles are not manually edited or verified by human transcriptionists. Therefore, they may contain typographical errors, misspellings, or other inconsistencies. Users are encouraged to report any significant errors they encounter.
  5. Continuous Improvement: We continuously strive to enhance the accuracy and quality of the automatic subtitles. Feedback and suggestions from users are valuable in identifying areas for improvement and we encourage users to provide their input.
  6. Privacy Policy: We would like to emphasize that the process of subtitling takes place on our own servers at RRZE (Regional Computing Center Erlangen). No video or audio material is transmitted to any third-party or external servers. All data remains strictly confidential and is solely used for the purpose of subtitling.
Please note that the automatic subtitles are provided "as is" without any warranties, express or implied. The use of the subtitles is at the discretion and responsibility of the users.
For any questions or concerns regarding the automatic subtitles, please contact
Note: This disclaimer is subject to change and updates as we improve our automatic subtitle generation system.

Please fill in the Declaration of consent for a recording form and send by email to:


Please contact us for additional questions.

Of course we also love to hear your suggestions and are always open for both praise and critical reviews - please send to